…Then how will you find time to hire someone for your latest job opening?

As of 2016, it took an average of 27 working days for companies to make a new hire. The average corporate job now attracts 250 candidates.

How many applicants do you get?

To slice that stack of resumes down to a level you can manage, you have to:

  • Go through them, whether your applications are online or on paper
  • Screen them
  • Test the ones you think are qualified (if you have a system for this)

If you do manage to whittle it down to a handful of qualified applicants, now you’ve got to interview them all. Usually more than once. And then check references and backgrounds. And after all that, you might still end up with a bad hire, in which case you’ve got to start all over again.

Who has time for this?


The solution isn’t yet another recruiter. All they do is the first two steps listed above, at best. They don’t test your applicants. They don’t check references. They don’t do background checks.

The solution is a new kind of hiring process. Painless Hire has created a system that is built upon skill testing and personality compatibility. And as a newly added service, we now check one reference and do a background check (at no extra cost to you). Learn more about our process

The result? When you use Painless Hire’s revolutionary hiring approach, you do nothing until the final round of interviews, and we guarantee the candidates we send you for interviews will be high quality – people you want to work with.

In fact, if the person you hire doesn’t work out and you lose them within two months, we will find you a new replacement at no extra charge. That’s how confident we are in our system. It just works.

You Don’t Have Time to Hire.

You certainly don’t have time to hire well. And it’s costing your business real money every day your positions go unfilled. Stop wasting time you don’t have. Get the right person for the job. Contact us today!

PS. Did you know our average time to hire is just 14 days? We’re a whole two weeks faster than the national average! That’s a faster hire, at lower cost than recruiters, and with a 2-month guarantee that the new employee will still be on the job.

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