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With information technology changing daily, it is imperative that your IT needs are being met by rock stars that have both the people skills and the technical savvy to keep up with the changes, while retaining a highly professional team player attitude. This kind of top-tier staffing is no easy task however.

At Painless Hire our goal is to help you build the best possible IT team. Unlike traditional recruiting agencies, our unique process utilizes both state of the art technology and hands-on labor to pre-screen and pre-test each applicant according to the criteria that YOU specify. This ensures that you receive a list of ONLY the top most qualified applicants—guaranteed to have the computer skills, certifications, and people skills necessary to create the most efficient workplace possible.

Painless Hire delivers high caliber employees that help grow your business

  • Delivering only screened, tested and qualified candidates
  • Specializing in quickly filling all level positions including “hard-to-fill” jobs
  • Offering a Satisfaction Guarantee

Recruiting for the following positions in Information Technology:

  • UX/UI Designers
  • Developers
  • Marketing Personnel
  • Customer Support Reps
  • Reps, Account Managers
  • Senior Managers & Directors
  • C – Level Executives
  • and more…

What You Get
from Painless Hire

  • Free Client Consultation
  • Online Ad Posting
  • Applicant Testing
  • Manual Screening
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Background Check
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • and much more.
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