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Ilan Cohen, MD
Co-Founder &  President

Dr. Ilan Cohen

Ilan Cohen, MD

Dr. Ilan Cohen is one of the leading eye surgeons in the nation, having performed thousands of successful laser procedures. Dr. Cohen’s success in the field of ophthalmology had led him to open multiple offices throughout New York and New Jersey. Perfectly positioned for expansion, he ran into a critical problem of staffing the offices with capable employees.

“Instead of relying on them to help me market my business and move forward, it seemed that I was constantly putting growth plans on the back burner and spending valuable time and energy managing personnel issues.”

Trying all of the conventional avenues such as job boards, help wanted ads, employment agencies and multiple interviews was not delivering Dr. Cohen the results he was looking for. Further research led him to various psychological findings showing testing as the most accurate predictor of job performance. Keeping this in mind, Dr. Cohen took matters into his own hands and set out to create a system that would search out prospective employees and screen them according to a rigorous set of criteria, in an effort to match not only experience and skills, but personality and attitude with the requirements of the job.

In 2009, Dr. Cohen founded Painless Hire, a one-of-a-kind recruitment agency using multiple scientific methods to deliver employers the ideal candidate. Beginning as a solution to a problem, Painless Hire’s proven effectiveness has surpassed all original expectations, with the company becoming an authority for both the industry and employers worldwide. Dr. Cohen’s vision and leadership has driven Painless Hire to the forefront of the recruitment industry and solidified a memorable and exemplary impression in the minds of his clients.

Dr. Cohen was the first surgeon in the New York City area to perform cutting edge corneal surgery such as the implantable contact lens and the artificial corneal transplant. Dr. Cohen is considered the experts’ expert by his colleagues and his is the address to which they refer their most challenging cases. He teaches at the American Academy of Ophthalmology, where eye surgeons from all around the world gather to learn about the cutting edge advances in LASIK surgery. He is also the co-author of multiple books read by LASIK surgeons all around the world. He has been featured on CBS, CNBC and Fox News for his innovative surgical techniques.


Blossom Cohen
Co-Founder & CEO

Blossom Cohen

Blossom Cohen

Blossom Cohen is the CEO and Recruiting Director of Painless Hire. Often described by her clients as a business match maker, Blossom takes great pride in her capabilities of matching an employer with the ideal candidates. Possessing over ten years recruiting experience in the design and marketing industries and over six years in the healthcare industry, Blossom has a solid background in understanding the flaws of the traditional hiring process. Using her ability to creatively solve problems and with the help of her husband Dr. Ilan Cohen, Blossom developed a reliable scientific hiring method that has delivered success not only for the design and healthcare industry but for various industries nationwide. Blossom’s creativity has also played a decisive role in the introduction and development of a novel software which has revolutionized the world of HR.

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