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Compare PainLess Hire to Typical Recruiters

PainLess Hire is not a recruiter. We are a hiring consultancy firm. Hiring requires more than just keyword matching with resumes and automated online recruitment software. Here’s how PainLess Hire delivers higher quality candidates in less time at a lower price.

 PainLess HireTypical Recruiting Agencies
Undivided Loyalty to Employers
Our client is the employer: our focus is entirely on the employer’s needs
cross NO
Priorities lie with both employers and candidates; focus is spread between the two groups
of employee’s salary
of employee’s salary
Placement Time2-6 WEEKS2-6 MONTHS
Applicant Screening
& Employment Assessment


cross NO
Phone Interviews
Phone interviews conducted by a skilled recruiting coordinator using a qualitative or quantitative approach as needed
Some recruiters conduct basic phone interviews
Schedule live interviews on employer’s behalf
checkYEScross NO
Provide interview assistance materials to employer
checkYEScross NO


5 More Reasons to Use Our Recruitment Services


1. Fast Results

Do you enjoy staring at an empty, unproductive desk while the hiring process drags out over two months (or more)? That’s no way to run a business, and we understand that! Our goal is to get your new hire in place as fast as possible, while safeguarding your valuable time.

Utilizing our own proprietary software, your open positions will get maximum exposure, and we are often able to deliver job candidates to interview in as little as two weeks.

2Cost Savings

We’ve lowered the price and raised the bar at the same time. In an age where everyone is looking for fully automated everything, our hiring consultants have done the unthinkable. We’ve combined our software capabilities with the skills and savvy of live, hands-on humans. Why?

Because computers will never replace the inherent relational and interpersonal nature of hiring.

Our hybrid recruitment and selection process is setting a new industry standard. While our own smart technology does all the heavy lifting in the early stages of the recruitment process, real people in tune with your specific needs are running the show and making the final decisions.

This enables us to deliver exceptional results at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment services.

3. Concierge Style

At Painless Hire, we make all necessary accommodations to attune to the specific and varying needs of each client. Our recruitment methods include a variety of procedures that are personalized and customized to match your specific needs.

4. Reduced Workload

Hiring doesn’t have to be a time-sucking headache. But to do it well takes a lot of time and resources. That’s why we call the references. We do the background checks. We even do the first round of phone interviews.

You only have to focus on the final crop of top candidates. The time you’ll save using PainLess Hire will leave you speechless.

5. Recruitment Techniques for Complex Positions

The harder the position is to fill, the more our hiring consultants show their value over traditional recruitment services.

Some jobs require highly specialized skills or have extreme salary stipulations that make finding the perfect employee nearly impossible. Painless Hire’s online recruitment and screening system is specifically designed to find that ‘needle in a haystack’ candidate who meets ALL of your requirements, no matter how unique they may be.

Learn more about our innovative hiring process here

Abandon the Old Ways of Hiring

compare old way of hiring with our way
If you’ve got open positions and have been burned by traditional recruiting methods, you’re in the right place. But you have to take action if you want a different and better result.

Your business’ growth and possibly its very survival depends on finding the best employees for every position.

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