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Innovative Recruitment and Selection Process Guarantees Your Company the Right Hire

Our Hiring Method Works, or We’ll Find a Replacement at No Extra Charge


Things move fast in today’s interconnected world. The recruitment and selection process for hiring the best employees is no different. Snooze too long, and the best candidates will choose another company over yours. If you want to keep growing, your business needs a proactive, proven system that will attract a swarm of ideal job candidates, in less time than antiquated traditional recruiters can provide.

PainLess Hire is not a recruiter. We’re a next generation Hiring Consultant that uses advanced screening and testing procedures to deliver your company the ideal job candidate. You will receive a level of service unmatched in the industry.


Here’s how our 4-step hiring process works:

1. Creative Online Recruitment System

online-recruitmentWe cast a very wide net to capture the largest pool of candidates. This means taking full advantage of all the places online where job-seekers go. Your job opening will be found by people you’d never reach if you did this by yourself or with a traditional recruiter.

We also find job candidates who aren’t actively searching but who might be the perfect fit for your position.
Then, we do an initial resume screening to narrow it down to the candidates who meet the basic qualifications.
This recruitment and selection process delivers a greater number of qualified candidates for the first round of screening. Being a hiring consultant means our process is active – a blend of automation and human control.

Recruiters, on the other hand, generally use passive systems. They rely on matching keywords in resumes and Linked In profiles to words in your job description, and hoping the right person materializes.

Then they skip to the interview stage. That’s how you end up wasting your time interviewing terrible or unqualified candidates.

View chart comparing our process to traditional recruiters

But we have another step – the one that sets our hiring and recruitment process apart – and it happens before you talk to anybody.


2. Pre-Employement Testing, Tailored to Your Open Position

RaffleAfter narrowing the batch of initial candidates, we filter them using a detailed scientific testing and screening process tailored to suit the open position.

This pre-testing process is proprietary. We developed it ourselves and used it in businesses we already knew who were as frustrated as you are with finding the best – not just the qualified – employees.

Each type of position determines the specific aptitude and skills tests we use. Based on their scores, we select just the highest crop of candidates for the interview stage.

This means a much smaller interview pool. It also means every person you interview will be suited for your specific needs – including the intangible ones which are impossible to find on a resume, but that in the end matter far more than degrees and certifications.

How Our Pre-Employment Testing Works

Our pre-employment tests are created by a Scientific Advisory Board and have been examined for validity and reliability. Test results are evaluated by our analysts. To control for the validity of our tests, a job requirements analysis is performed for each position using the U.S. Department of Labor’s Database. This allows us to ensure that each test measures precisely what it is supposed to.


3. Final Interviews – Empowering You to Make the Best Selection

employment testing

After the pre-testing, we conduct phone interviews with the best matches. We also check references. Up to this point, you still haven’t had to lift a finger, dial a number, or sit down with a candidate. Your time and business are too valuable to spend days in the hiring process.

Finally, the top few candidates who pass through all our filters get scheduled for a live interview with you, after which you’ll make your final selection. If you wish, we also provide interview assistance to help improve your interviewing effectiveness. This is not an easy skill to master.

4. Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe in our recruitment and selection process so much that all our clients receive a 2-5 month guarantee period. If during that time the employee you hired doesn’t work out for any reason, we will find a replacement candidate free of charge.

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