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Re-Defining Job Recruitment and Hiring – the PainLess Hire Mission

PainLess Hire began because some businesses we were connected with had run out of patience. Incompetence. Bad attitudes. Unreliability. Cleaning up messes and babysitting instead of focusing on customers and growth.

Incompetence EmployeeTheir businesses were continually impaired from growing because of a string of bad hires. Their job recruitment process wasn’t working.

There had to be a better way, and using traditional recruiters wasn’t getting it done. The impact on their business was worsening. Time lost, customers not served well, processes and systems not being improved – this adds up to lost money, burnt out staff, and stalled growth.

So we looked at the commonly used job recruitment strategies, and started asking questions:

  • What aren’t we learning about job candidates that we need to know?
  • What kind of hiring process would help us learn it?
  • Is there any system out there that already does this?

Here’s what we found.

Failed Job Recruitment: What We Aren’t Learning

Companies that use traditional methods, like we were, are not learning anything truly useful about a candidate before they show up for the interview. And interviews, while very important, were too often unreliable because they’re subjective, and prone to interviewer bias and candidate embellishment.

hating resumesResumes don’t reveal anything useful beyond degrees earned (assuming no resume padding has occurred), certifications, and experience. But none of that information really helps you make a smart decision about this person.

Do they have the motivation to excel? Can they think and work independently? Are they able to work as part of a team? Do they really, truly have the skills we need?

Anyone can put all these clichés on their resume and spout them off in the interview (with confidence and eye contact).

But how do you really know?

New Recruitment Strategies: How to Learn What You Need to Know

employment testingWhen we examined the hiring and recruitment strategies and methods being used by most companies, we found the same frustrations were common across all industries and businesses of all sizes.

One single solution stood out as the essential missing step in the hiring process: Pre-employment testing.

With effective and reliable aptitude, skills, and personality testing, companies could finally know more about a person’s true compatibility with a position. You need someone who not only possesses the skills, but is the right fit for your workplace culture and expectations.

Quality pre-testing and screening would tell us this. The problem? Hardly anyone was using them.


Are Traditional Job Recruiters Using Pre-Testing?

No. We couldn’t find anyone using the hiring process we knew would make the difference our businesses needed.

Not a single recruiter was making pre-testing the central component of their job recruitment and hiring process. There are other parts of their strategy that needed to be improved as well, but this had to be at the center. We couldn’t find it anywhere. So what did we do?

We developed our own. (Click to see what we came up with)

And this resulted in what PainLess Hire has become today – a pioneering hiring consultant agency that has upended the way hiring and job recruitment are done.

The truly amazing part? Our system works better, but it costs less than old-school recruiters.


The PainLess Hire Mission

Top IT EmployeeOur mission is to improve the job recruitment and hiring process for businesses large and small using a collaborative, groundbreaking system that slashes wasted time and virtually eliminates the frustration caused by a bad hire.

At PainLess Hire℠, our guarantee is to provide you with only the best, most qualified candidates. No more time-consuming hassles, headaches and mismatches.

Our approach also minimizes bias and the legal risks associated with it.

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Through the support of our ClientsPartners we envision a change in the job recruitment industry that will spark a golden age of hiring for HR departments of all sizes. PainLess Hire℠ is setting an industry standard that shakes the walls of conventional hiring practices.

There is no reason for employers to suffer through the inadequacies of the traditional hiring process while placing their business in harm’s way. Adaptation is the key to survival, and we advise all business owners to abandon the inefficiencies of the past and embrace the new and improved hiring zeitgeist.

When you entrust your hiring needs to PainLess Hire℠, we will source, screen, and interview a wide range of candidates on your behalf.

Learn more about our recruitment and selection method here

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