Recruiting & Hiring Case Study: New York Based Fertility Clinic

New Executive Director Shines after Being Discovered in ‘Easiest and Best Hiring Experience Ever’

For six years, the executive director at a New York fertility clinic was doing his job well. But about two years ago, things started going downhill.

Reports weren’t getting done. Oversight of marketing wasn’t happening. Data collection and tracking virtually stopped. It was getting so bad that he wasn’t even doing annual evaluations of other employees. And the worst thing was, it was costing them money, because he hadn’t updated rates with the insurance companies.

This particular clinic is a good size – performing hundreds of IVF cycles annually. They help women who are struggling to get pregnant, using a variety of treatment options.

But when the executive director stops doing his job, the marketing falters. When that happens, fewer new patients come through the doors. Eventually, that could lead to big problems.

So, the clinic’s owners decided to make a change.

Their Old Hiring Service

They began the hiring process using the same hiring agency they’d used in the past. This led to a few interviews. But none of these candidates had the qualities the job needs – the kind that don’t always show up on a resume. This kind of hiring experience is common, because most recruiting and hiring agencies use a keyword approach.

A keyword approach means that because this is a medical clinic, their old hiring service sent a bunch of senior level nurses who came up from within other medical clinics. The problem with this is that none of these people had true leadership skills. They didn’t have the managerial or financial experience that is critical to an all-star executive director. They knew how to run a doctor’s office. But not a business.

So, they struck out. Not a single good candidate.

They limped on for another year and a half with their current director. Things were not improving, and the future of the clinic was beginning to dim.


A Different Approach to Hiring Leads to ‘Obvious’ Top Candidate

Then, they heard about PainLess Hire, and their radically different approach to hiring. PainLess Hire doesn’t send candidates based on keywords and resumes only. They evaluate them using soft skills and personality tests.

The physicians saw the testimonials on the PainLess Hire website and decided to give it a try.

Their first impression was that the name PainLess Hire really means what it implies. All they had to do was answer some questions and rank the most important qualities they were looking for in their new executive director. From there, they did almost no hiring-related tasks and just kept working on their clinic and with their patients.

Just a couple weeks later, they received an easy-to-digest package of materials:

  • A small list of top candidates
  • Their resumes
  • Pros and cons for each candidate
  • Detailed analysis of pre-testing data on leadership and motivation

From this information, two candidates clearly stood out as the ones they wanted to meet. One of them took another job before they could do an interview.

But after meeting and interviewing the clear number one, they hired him, removed the existing director, and turned a new page in the life of their clinic.


The New Executive Director – Four Months In

How’s their new executive director working out?

In the owner’s words,

“He’s been fantastic. He’s doing things beyond what we were anticipating, creating reports and new systems without having to be told. He’s found places we’re wasting money in marketing and where we should be spending more. He’s unifying the team and moving us forward.”

The whole team has noticed the change. After two years of neglect, there’s someone in charge who cares. Someone who wants the clinic to grow and will do what it takes to make that happen while also improving morale. They have momentum, growth, and a positive work environment.

In other words, they have a leader. Exactly what they were looking for.

An Effortless Hiring Experience. A Better Result.

The physicians are still amazed by how little work it took for them to find and hire this incredible leader. Here’s a bunch of labor-intensive tasks they didn’t have to do that most business owners probably think are an inevitable part of the hiring slog:

  • Post job ads
  • Read a huge stack of resumes
  • Winnow it down to a reasonable number
  • Do multiple rounds of interviews including phone and in-person
  • Have meetings hemming and hawing on which candidates seem right, and how do we know
  • Checking references
  • Worry

They didn’t have to do ANY of that.

Instead, they received a single report with tons of actionable information about the top four candidates. The best person stood out like the Statue of Liberty. They interviewed him, hired him, and the clinic has a strong leader at the helm. Done.

Is the fertility clinic owners’ hiring experience what you want the next time you have to hire for a key position?

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