Plenty of jobs. Not enough top candidates.

Your company’s problem with that? If you want to hire, you’re competing like crazy with other companies. You’re like a Hollywood producer who has just discovered the first original movie idea this decade, and every other producer in town wants it too. It’s a mad frenzy.


So what’s the best way to blow your chances of landing that new employee you want the most?

A sluggish, dragged out hiring process.

If your process takes months, but the other guy’s process takes weeks, who’s going to hire the best candidates looking for a fresh start in 2018? Not you.

Here’s what not to do.

This is how describes the hiring process:

“Slow it down, ask the same questions of everyone in the process, screen and eliminate with each step based on prescribed conditions, score them accordingly and THEN meet the final three candidates.”

Do you notice the problem with that? Their first words – “slow it down” – pretty much guarantee all your top choices will be gone by the time you whittle it down to the “final three.” Your final three will really be your final 13th , 18th , and 37th , because all the rest will be hired by other companies by the time you get around to making your decision.

In March.

There’s a better way to hire in the New Year.

PainLess Hire’s process gets you to that final round of three candidates in a matter of weeks . So you’ll be the company hiring the best people, possibly even before January is over, and leaving the others to scramble for the B+ candidates.

Our process works so well, you don’t have to get involved until the final rounds. It’s faster, and it’s less stressful and time-consuming than your hiring process has ever been before.

Here’s how it works:
The hiring consultants at PainLess Hire do all the initial screening and the first round of phone interviews. We use pre-testing to weed out the candidates who look good on paper (and maybe even in person) but who will flame out once they get on the job. And we do the reference checks on your final selection.

We also use proprietary online recruitment software that attracts more candidates from more places – people you’d never find using your own methods.


What this means for your company in 2021:

    • Your newest hires in place before January 31st
    • Your time freed up, as you didn’t have to “screen and eliminate” through multiple rounds using the old methods that still hobble recruiters and career websites
    • The top new job candidates all coming to you because you got to the final interview rounds first
    • The most effortless, rewarding, and business-boosting hiring experience in your company’s history
    • Sound too good? This is not a dream. It’s weeks, not months.

If you plan to hire in 2021, act now. Contact our hiring consultants today.



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