4 Steps to Reinvent Your Stale Hiring Process

HireWithConfidenceYou’ve seen all the resumes. You’ve done the phone interviews. And you’ve just completed the in-person interview round. Now, it’s time to make a decision. Which of your final candidates do you want to hire?

Everyone with a say sits down at the table, and the meeting begins. By the time the meeting ends, it’s still time to make a decision. Except that no one wants to make it.


Why is it so hard to make a hiring decision?

Most likely, it’s because you’ve been burned one too many times. You’ve been lied to by candidates who transform into terrifying creatures after they get hired. You’ve felt misled by the whole hiring process so much that now you distrust it. It just never feels like you have quite enough information.

It seems like everyone is just lying, putting on their best interview face, saying what they think you want to hear, and holding back critical information.

Is hiring really that bad?

Depends on your experience, but it can be. If you’ve experienced a negative hiring outcome too many times, it’s easy to fall into this jaded sense of despair about the whole process.

Nevertheless, you still need to hire. So how do you make the decision, with confidence?

HireWithConfidenceFirst, some encouragement. There are good people out there to hire. More than likely, some of them will apply for your position. The hiring process doesn’t have to be this bad. Sometimes, you do have a great candidate right in front of you, but fear-based indecision – rooted in previous bad hiring experiences – keeps you from making the call.

Today is about re-gaining the confidence to make the call and choose the best person for the job.

Next, let’s take a deeper look at some of these fears and the negative hiring experiences that led to them.

Are there any patterns or ruts in your hiring process keeping you from changing?

Can you identify the point in the process when your confidence in a positive outcome withers?


Any steps you’re not taking that would make a difference in the kinds of people who make it to your final rounds, and boost your confidence that they are who they say they are?

Do you have an awareness of what lies within your control, and what does not?

Lots of companies are omitting steps that would refashion their hiring process into a high-performing one. Let’s look at a few ways you can improve your process so you can hire with more confidence.


1. Change Your Process If It’s Not Working

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got.

Are you advertising your jobs in the same places every time? Try some new ones.

Are you asking the same questions in every interview? Think up some new ones that you think will produce more revealing and honest responses from your candidates.

Are you looking at the same features in resumes all the time? Maybe you’re not looking at the parts that give the most insight into that person, or are being misled by parts with less value. Use The 10 Second Resume Scan and stop wasting time on the worthless parts of resumes.

Your lack of hiring confidence could be resulting from your own stale process. Look for ways like these to freshen it up that will give new insights into your candidates.


2. Acknowledge What You Can and Cannot Control

Some behaviors and habits are adjustable, but some are not.

Personality and ethics are pretty hard to change without extensive psychological and emotional work on the part of the candidate. When people get married, it’s very unwise to presume that you will be able to “change” your spouse after the honeymoon is over. If there’s something you don’t like about them before getting married, ask yourself if you can live with it the rest of your life. Because you very well might have to.

In the same way, if a hiring candidate displays personality traits or qualities you find distasteful, do not make the mistake of believing you can change them with a few trainings and ‘heart to heart’ talks. More than likely, you will not.

However, other behaviors and habits can be changed and adjusted. You can get someone to change their morning routine after they arrive at work, for instance, or adjust the way they speak to customers. And, some people learn faster than others.

The problem is, how do you know this information about the person you’re interviewing? Are they adaptable? Are they a fast learner? Or are they hard to teach and slow to learn? This isn’t the sort of thing you can just ask in an interview. Most people will not admit to this sort of thing, if they’re even reflective enough to be aware of it.


The solution?

Use soft skills and personality tests, administered before you even get to the interview round.

The more you know about each candidate before you talk to them in person, the more revealing the interview will be. And with soft skills assessments like the ones PainLess Hire uses, you can have confidence that the final slate of interviewees do indeed possess the most important personality traits and soft skills you need for this position.

Confidence in hiring grows when you use soft skills testing.


3. Do Reference Checks the Right Way

There are certain things of great value you can learn from references, and other things you cannot.

The most valuable things you can learn from references are the candidate’s workplace personality and ethics – in other words, the things that are hardest to change.

This is why you want to talk to business owners, supervisors, or other professional references only. Talking to friends, mentors, or relatives has little value, so don’t waste your time. Use conversations with professional references to get an honest appraisal of what this person is like to work with.

You’re not looking for perfection. You’re looking for an honest picture.


4. Invite Your Final Two to Job Shadow at Your Workplace

Noticing a pattern here? None of these steps have much to do with experience, or education, or hard skills. You can learn all that pretty easily.

You will never feel able to hire with confidence if you keep relying on what’s on paper. It comes from real life interactions.

So do a half day or full day job shadow for both candidates. Have them interact with you and the other members of your team. Afterward, you can talk about their personality and how they engaged with the various people they spent time with.

This is a commonly omitted step in the hiring process, and one that will greatly boost your confidence in hiring.

Now, can a person still put on their ‘game face’ during a job shadow and turn into a hideous monster after being hired? Yes. That’s why this isn’t the only step you should take. The reference step is critical, as are the other two.


What Else Can You Do to Gain Confidence in Hiring?

Take time to do some serious reflection on your hiring process. Find that moment when you lose confidence in the outcome. What causes it?

Is it during the interview process? Then make adjustments to your interview approach.

Is it when you first see your final list of interview candidates? As in, once you see this list, do you worry that you already tossed the best person, but don’t know how to be sure? Using scientifically-developed skills and personality tests is the best way to gain confidence in that part of the hiring process.

If you have no way to measure personality and soft skills, hiring really is a guessing game. You can only learn so much from a resume and an interview.

This is why we talk so much about our pre-hiring assessments, and believe every company should be using them in their hiring processes. Assessments – especially soft skills assessments – are the single greatest quantitative tool you can use to increase your confidence in hiring.


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