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See How 7 Labor-Intensive Steps Can Be Reduced to 3 for Small and Mid-size Companies Needing to Fill Leadership and Consultant Positions

Your Company Can’t Afford to Get This Wrong

Hiring for any position has serious ramifications when you get the wrong person. But for your leaders and executives, the fallout from an ineffective hiring process is compounded.

see an executive search and hiring process that doesn’t require months of labor

An ineffective leader can damage your company in numerous ways:

  • Instill animosity in the team and produce a toxic culture. This can happen really fast
  • Increase turnover, including of your best people
  • Fail to develop and nurture the talent of your teams
  • Cause projects to get delayed or even worse, never get completed
  • Provoke lawsuits
  • Damage your brand
  • Struggle to manage conflicts within the team
  • Cause confusion and division through poor communication
  • Cost you money!

Bad leaders blame others when things go wrong, have little vision for the company, struggle to communicate clearly, don’t treat people fairly, can’t acknowledge their own flaws, and either ignore or are oblivious to the needs of your employees.

The cost of hiring a bad leader can quickly escalate into hundreds of thousands of dollars when the damages listed above begin to pile up. And that doesn’t include the money and time you’ll need to devote to replacing them.

You cannot afford to hire the wrong leaders and executives.


The Long Hard Road to Hiring Effective Executives and Leaders

You need an executive search and hiring process that has proven itself, one that gives you complete confidence in finding the executives and leaders best suited for your company culture and objectives.

The problem is – running that process by yourself requires extensive resources and personnel, and can drag on for months.

Here’s the complete executive hiring process you’d need to use if you plan to find your next executive on your own:

1) Discussions among Key Leadership

Begin by getting the key stakeholders together to discuss the position. What are you expecting from the person who fills this role? Who will they work with? What will their goals be, and how will they be measured?

2) Job Description Review and Enhancement

This doesn’t mean make it longer necessarily. It means make it better. This will be one of the first tasks after your opening discussion about the position.

3) Broadest Possible Candidate Search Array

You can’t put your hopes on finding a needle in the haystack of LinkedIn. Your top executives may be searching in some highly exclusive places. There are hundreds of job boards filling positions for various niches, and many of the best candidates go looking for work there.

To hire the best leaders and executives, you must spread the net wide at the beginning of the executive hiring process.

4) Narrow It Down with Pre-Interview Assessments

Your position will have hard skills. But to fit your company culture and lead well, you must assess the most critical soft skills for that position. A hiring consultant can help you identify which soft skills you need to test, and then run the testing using the most relevant assessments.

These testing results will narrow your list down substantially, and you can easily skim only the very best candidates based on the top results.

5) Schedule and Conduct Interviews

You will likely have multiple rounds of interviews. Some phone, some in person. Some one-on-one, some in groups. If you’ve done your pre-interview assessments well, these interviews will take far less time and hand-wringing than they otherwise would.

6) Check References

The best references to check are the ones they don’t give you. This is one of the few valuable items you can glean from their resume. Follow up with companies where they worked, and ask questions about their leadership style as it relates to your company culture and values.

7) Do All This Quickly Before They Disengage

Hiring too fast is a terrible mistake made far too often. But the flip side is, you can’t drag your executive hiring process out for months, or you’ll lose many of your best candidates before you’ve even made a decision.

The Problem: Your Executive Search and Hiring Process Takes Too Long

If you’re like most small and mid-size company leaders, the executive hiring process you just saw sounds like the solution you want. The problem is encapsulated in the last point.

We have to execute this process fast enough to keep the best candidates engaged, but not so fast that we hire the wrong person.

So how do you find the best people, but not take months to do it?

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The Proven Executive Hiring Process You Want Already Exists

see an executive search and hiring process that doesn’t require months of labor

PainLess Hire already employs a hands-on executive hiring process that will deliver the exceptional leaders your company needs, and in a time frame (weeks, not months) that will keep your top candidates engaged. In fact, our process has proven itself so many times that we can guarantee a positive hiring outcome.

Once the job description, soft skills, and core objectives have been clarified, we begin with a broad executive search process that touches all the niche job boards your ideal candidates may be on, as well as the big name sites.

Then, we use a series of targeted pre-hiring assessments to whittle down the list so the best candidates rise to the top.

We do the first round of phone interviews, and we help you schedule your in-person rounds. Once you’ve identified your top choice, we’ll run the background check and call their references.

We do all this, so you don’t have to.


How PainLess Hire Takes 7 Steps Down to 3

Here’s what our executive hiring process looks like, from your perspective:

  1. Initial discussion about the position, skills, workplace culture, and objectives
  2. A few weeks later, you receive a list of final candidates and can plan the interviews
  3. After making your top choice, we’ll inform you how their reference checks went, and you can make the final decision and extend the offer.

We’ve taken an executive hiring process with at least seven steps out of your busy hands, and simplified it down to three. We do all the most time-consuming, frustrating, and technically challenging parts of the process.

You just have to wait, interview, offer and hire.

Want a painless executive hiring process that guarantees you a quality leader? Or do you want to try to develop that process yourself and trust your HR department to manage the details?

A hiring consultant is a hiring specialist. This is all we do.

We deliver exceptional leaders to companies that know how important those leaders are for their future.

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