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Meet PainLess Hire’s Founders

Dr. Ilan and Blossom Cohen started PainLess Hire out of their own bad hiring experiences. They tried it all, and nothing was working. But rather than give up and accept that bad hiring is something they just had to “deal with,” they created their own system, perfected it, and used it.

It worked so well, they decided to market it, and PainLess Hire was born.

Meet Dr. Ilan Cohen and Blossom Cohen


Become a PainLess Hire Partner

This is our referral program. Because once you know something works, you want to tell everyone about it.

After you experience our hiring system (and especially if you’ve tried other recruiters before), you’ll be so happy you’ll want all your business friends to use it. If that’s you, then consider becoming a PainLess Hire Partner.

Being a Partner means two things:

  1. Help your friends and business colleagues hire better, breathe easier, and finally get the kinds of employees they need to run their businesses and reach their goals
  2. Earn a little extra cash. You’ll get a percentage of their first fees, enough to take your family out for a nice dinner or see a show. Or both.

Visit this page to meet our partners and fill out the form to become a Partner.


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