How to Fill Your Most Crucial Positions While Having More Free Time

Irony is a funny thing.
We want the economy to do well, because that means our businesses will grow. But now that businesses are growing, unemployment is super low. And low unemployment means it’s a lot harder to find top quality candidates for our open positions.
We got what we wanted, which is making it harder to get what we want.
What’s the answer? Should we hope the economy tanks again so we’ll have a great selection of people to hire?
Surely not.
Here’s the truth: You can find top quality hiring candidates even in a strong economy.


The secret is to invest smartly in the right job posting ads. This approach will feed you the highest number of qualified candidates.
Then, screen your candidates with a relentless testing process to filter out the very best. Even in a strong economy with low unemployment, this process works.
So what’s the catch? There are two:
1) Investing in the most targeted and effective job ads costs money and takes time
2) Most recruiting companies don’t do it this way (and they don’t use testing either). They just rely on their databases, which limits their reach.
If you want to hire the best people in a low-unemployment, high-competition hiring market, this is the only way, and a recruiter isn’t likely to get you there.
Part of what makes PainLess Hire’s process so different from a recruiter is that we invest in job ads for all our clients. We do this because it has proven to be the most effective way to find top talent.
But it’s not cheap.
One popular management-focused job board charges $550 to advertise for a single Director position. But the expensive job boards like this one are where the best candidates go. Your next top director isn’t likely to be going to Monster or Indeed.
So if you’re not advertising on the niche and exclusive job boards, you are invisible to the job candidates you really want.
And though our overall fee is lower than recruiters, your job will be seen by more people , and by a greater number of top candidates .
We cast a wider net.
So you’ve got two choices:
  1.  Use a fishing pole and pay a hefty fee. That’s a normal recruiter.
  2. Use a high-tech net for a smaller fee. That’s PainLess Hire.
You’ll pay more for the fishing pole, and you’ll have a smaller selection with fewer top candidates. Afterward, you’ll still be frustrated about how there aren’t any good candidates out there.
Even a gold-plated fishing pole with titanium hooks still only catches one fish at a time.
And – our net has two compartments.
One for active candidates searching on all these job boards and elsewhere.
And another that searches for passive candidates – people already working elsewhere but who are open to being recruited for something new.
If you want to find top quality candidates even in a tough hiring market, you need both compartments.
Come grab the net.
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