Hiring Case Study: Filling a Newly Created Position at Ophthalmology Clinic

Skilled New Practice Administrator Brings Order to Health Care Regulatory Chaos

Growth is good, but change is hard.

As their ophthalmology clinic had grown to over 20 employees, Dr. Paul Tarantino and Dr. Sandra Cho realized that growth had come with a cost.

Their office manager was becoming overwhelmed with all the work associated with the regulatory complexity of the ever-changing health care industry. When the office manager began working here, this wasn’t part of the job. But each year, more and more was pushed onto her plate, and something needed to change, because all the extra work was making it harder to perform her core job function.

So, Dr. Tarantino and Dr. Cho decided the solution was to create a new position for a Practice Administrator. They needed someone with expertise in health care management, someone who knew how to navigate the regulatory changes and keep their clinic in compliance.

The right person for this position needed two main qualities in addition to an advanced degree:

  • Competence with HR, budget management, spreadsheets, and similar skills
  • Strong ability to work with a variety of people from different educational backgrounds


Hiring Internally Falls Through

The doctors had someone in-house in mind for their new practice administrator position, but when that person took a job somewhere else, they were fresh out of ideas. All they had now were a bunch of hard questions, and no idea how to answer them.

How do we vet a person for this, especially since it’s a brand new position?

Do we really know what expertise and skills it requires?

How will we know that person when we see them?

Dr. Tarantino and Dr. Cho knew they didn’t have the expertise to solve these problems, and the position was too important to leave to chance, gut instincts, or random job sites.


Consultant Points Them in a New Direction

One day, when discussing their quandary with their practice consultant, he referred Dr. Tarantino to PainLess Hire.

Dr. Tarantino was instantly attracted to the idea of pre-testing and screening candidates before reaching the interview stage.

So after a hiring consultation meeting, PainLess Hire got to work on searching for candidates. While that was happening, the ophthalmologists got back to work, relieved the hiring process wasn’t going to monopolize nearly as much time as they had feared.

A couple weeks later, the list of finalized candidates arrived. They interviewed a few of them, and chose the best person for the job.


The New Hire Performs “At a High Administrative Level”

According to Dr. Tarantino, the new practice admin is “an incredibly hard worker, extremely knowledgeable, very level and fair.” And, they love her personality and how easy she is to work with.

That last part is a testament to PainLess Hire’s pre-testing and soft skills evaluation process. It doesn’t matter how smart someone is if they’re impossible to get along with. The doctors needed someone who would fit right in to their already healthy office culture.

In addition to possessing the expertise and skillset they desperately needed, their new hire also has the temperament that will keep their office a pleasant place to work.

Delivering the Results You Want, Need, and Expect

Dr. Tarantino was very pleased with his experience with PainLess Hire.

In his words, they did all the “grunt work” of posting job ads, finding and testing candidates, and even a first round of phone interviews. They rejected the lion’s share of candidates before the doctors ever saw anything, and the entire process took just a few weeks.

The final list had a good range of qualified candidates, and it was relatively easy to pick the ones they wanted to interview.

This is how hiring would be in an ideal world. It shouldn’t steamroll your schedule for weeks at a time, but it should deliver highly qualified candidates that make it easy to choose the best option for your position.

According to Dr. Tarantino:

“PainLess Hire was efficient, the cost was reasonable, they did what they said they would do, and they provided us with several great candidates.”



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