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Replace Your Floundering Recruitment Process with One that Delivers the Best New Hires in Less Time – Every Single Time

In the hyper-competitive digital age of hiring, your business simply can’t afford an outdated recruitment process that hires the wrong people.

One toxic employee who can’t get along with your team, one lazy goof-off who calls in sick all the time and misses crucial deadlines, one overly ambitious narcissist who only cares about their own career advancement and is always looking for the next best job – you want to avoid these people and others like them at all costs.

The tricky part is, you can’t spot these people just from a resume, and even several rounds of interviews don’t always catch them either.

But the good news is, you don’t have to spend all your costs to have a flawless recruitment process. PainLess Hire has created our own hiring process. It costs less than old-school outdated recruiters, but works better.


The PainLess Hire Recruitment Process

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Recruitment and Selection in 4 Steps

employment testingSee our 4-step hiring process that guarantees you will recruit and hire the very best employees for your key positions. Yes, we guarantee you will love your new hire.

Not only that, but you’ll spend less time hassling with all the hiring busywork like reference checking and phone interviews. And, you’ll start working with your new hires up to four weeks faster than you would by using traditional recruitment companies.

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Born Out of Hiring Frustrations and Headaches

hating resumesPainLess Hire began because we were tired of bad hires in our other businesses, and couldn’t find anyone out there who knew how to help.

So, we created our own hiring and job recruitment process, and then used it. It worked so well, we realized this could change the way companies in all industries – from technology to health care to finance – do their hiring and recruiting.

Our system is unlike any other out there, in part because we tested it on ourselves first. That’s how we know it works! See how PainLess Hire is redefining hiring and recruiting in the digital age

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Compare PainLess Hire to Other Recruitment Services

compare old way of hiring with our wayHow does our recruitment process compare to the old ways of hiring? Here’s a quick-read chart comparing us to them in 8 categories, including fees, placement time, search methodology, and more.

Find out what you’re missing if you’re using the old recruitment methods.

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