The assessments were very important for us, because we had hired people in the past who on paper, had the skills needed to do the job, but turned out not to be good leaders. Full testimonial “Assessing leadership skills was important for us, because in the past …”

Matossian Eye Associates
Ophthamology Practice
Hopewell, NJ

Painless Hire eased our hiring process when we were in need of administrative assistants.
They have a system to pre-screen the candidates which helped us to choose from the top candidates for potential hire. Their pre-screening includes personalty and skills testing which I thought was pretty neat and helpful. Full testimonial “The employee we hired is still with us after almost two years!”

Conventional Medicine
Manhattan, NY
Dr. Nancy Argano

After spending several weeks attempting to find the right Ophthalmic Technician for our practice, we turned to Painless Hire for help. Within one week, Painless Hire referred many more qualified applicants to us than we ever could have found Full testimonial “We turned to Painless Hire for help!”

Dr. Nancy Argano
OD, Physicians of Central Jersey
Old Bridge, NJ
Heather B.

I am now on the other side of the hiring process with Painless Hire. I have been involved in the hiring of 3 staff members since I’ve started, and the Painless Hire qualification process has definitely worked! Their team does all of the leg work. They do a wonderful job of screening the potential candidates and finding exactly what we are looking for. Full testimonial “Both sides of the hiring process”

Heather B.
Manager, Nashville Vision Institute
Nashville, TN
Campus Eye Group

Campus Eye Group contracted Painless Hire to search for viable candidates for various positions at our offices. We were presented with a myriad group of highly qualified candidates and Full testimonial “Myriad group of highly qualified candidates”

Campus Eye Group
Surgical Center
Hamilton Square, NJ
Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants

Painless Hire has been very easy to work with. Super prompt & effective, they produced qualified candidates much faster than we were doing on our own. I highly recommend their services. Full testimonial “Super Prompt & Effective Sourcing”

Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants
Ophthalmology Practice
Wilmington, DE
Dr. Ming Wang

We have a busy medical practice and we had a hard time in finding a good office manager and good eye doctors. However, after we hired Painless Hire, our luck totally changed and we had the result, the best result! We were able to not only hire a good manager… Full testimonial “Truly Painless & the Most Fruitful!”

Dr. Ming Wang
CEO, Founder of Wang Vision Institute
Nashville, TN
J. Pinto & Associates, Inc.

The most expensive and critical resource for every practice is support staff at every level, especially mid-level and senior management, and associate and partner-track providers. Full testimonial “Critical resource for every practice is support staff at every level…”

J. Pinto & Associates, Inc.
Practice Consultant
Eye care

PainLess Hire uses a thorough unique search and vetting process to present to you a few choice candidates. PainLess Hire takes the long laborious Executive search process and makes it into a simplified and expeditious one, saving us, time, labor and cost. Full testimonial “Making Executive Search Simple and Efficient!”

Eye Care Specialists
Ophthamology & Optometry organization
8 Locations in PA
insight retina

As my accounts receivable were skyrocketing, my profits were vanishing down the drain. Painless Hire came through for me in helping me find a new billing manager ‎that has literally turned my practice around and return profits to near industry standard. Full testimonial “Painless Hire helped me return profits to near industry standard”

InSight Retina Consultants
Ophthamology Practice
Aurora, CO

I am not waiting any longer to let you know that we are so thrilled with both additions to our office. The process WAS painless and more efficient that I could have anticipated. I, and the doctor, feel that we have never spent so little time to find two additions to the office that make a huge positive impact on both office productivity and atmosphere. Full testimonial “Coming to work now is such a pleasure having the right staffing in place”

Chaiken Vision
Ophtamology Practice
New York, NY

What our clients say after a few months…

“K... is doing extremely well, and I’m very happy with her performance. Thank-you so much for your help in finding her.”
"We are very happy with B...’s performance so far, she has been a pleasure to work with and a quick learner”
“S... now at five months is a great employee, enthusiastic and very helpful in every way. Drs are very happy with her work.
"A... has now been promoted to LASIK Department as Administrative assistant. She has a wonderful phone talent, and is really sweet for patients to talk to, and patients are loving her. She has been named in three positive YELP online comments last week.”
“E…” is awesome, one of our best.
"Sh... is fantastic and I couldn't be more pleased! Thank-you for finding her for me.”

When we ask our previous clients to provide a reference…

"I would like to add our enthusiastic recommendation to support the unique recruitment techniques and personal touch of Painless Hire. We have recently hired two key employees and they are working out fabulously, beyond expectation. We certainly will look to Painless Hire in the future. You are welcome to contact me directly for further information."

"We highly recommend Painless Hire and have used it for all of our hires in the past two years, loving it. It has made a dramatic difference and improvement for our hiring, principally because
1. Objective (rather than subjective): in interviewing an applicant, we as employers tend to be too subjective, and have no way to find out objectively the true capability of an applicant (until much later after a person has been hired). PH’s approach is objective and scientific, cuts through the chase and finds out objectively what the applicant’s true aptitude and drive (or lack of) are.
2. Longer duration of interaction (rather than short): in interviewing an applicant, due to the short duration of interaction (and since anybody can make themselves look good for a brief period of time), it is hard for us to assess an applicant adequately. But yet, we have to make such an important decision! It is like knowing someone for only just a short period of time but yet we have to decide right then and there whether to spend a lot of time at once or not! PH uses a system that requires a much longer duration, i.e., via a process (rather than a single time point) that an applicant has to go through, giving an employer more opportunities and a longer period of time to examine an applicant’s character, attitude, knowledge and aptitude.
PH is the way to go.”

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