We have a busy medical practice and we had a hard time in finding a good office manager and good eye doctors. However, after we hired Painless Hire, our luck totally changed and we had the result, the best result! We were able to not only hire a good manager and but also two outstanding doctors! We have been most happy with our experience with Painless Hire and their quality of work, and the most grateful!

I believe that the reasons as to why Painless Hire has been so successful in this business are three folds:

1. Dedication to her work and truly care for her clients: Painless Hire is responsive and responsible and takes the job very seriously. Their team do the very best to help their client. They truly care for her clients, as manifested by facts such as after we hired who we wanted, they still checked on us to see if we have been happy, and that is remarkable customer service.

2. Knowing all the key social media channels: in today’s job market place, this is such an important skill set, and not all hiring companies have mastered these essentials. Most of us as business owners are amateurs when it comes to how to best use these social media channels for hiring, so, we need to hire the professionals such as Painless Hire!

3. Employing modern technology in capability, skill set and personality-job matching: Painless Hire uses the latest technology in these areas and has been able to fully utilize these technologies most effectively.

Based on our most successful and happy experience with Painless Hire and , we highly recommend her service to all friends. You will be happy with the experience of working with this company since it will be truly successful and indeed, painless!


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Dr. Ming Wang

Dr. Ming Wang
Harvard & MIT (MD, magna cum laude); PhD (laser physics)
Wang Vision 3D Cataract & LASIK Center
Nashville, TN


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