We used PainLess Hire recently to find a new Practice Administrator for our large and busy practice. We were impressed that PainLess Hire assessed candidates with three different tests and conducted comprehensive phone interviews before presenting them to us. One of the tests was assessing candidates’ leadership skills and another assessed their aptitude level, all crucial to being a successful manager.

The assessments were very important for us, because we had hired people in the past who on paper, had the skills needed to do the job, but turned out not to be good leaders.
We were presented with only top candidates who scored high on their assessments, and those who did not do well were not presented to us. This method really helped us have the confidence that the people we were going to spend time interviewing had met a high standard and been actively screened by professionals.
Too many placement and recruiting companies just pass on resumes they have attracted, and really do not do much to evaluate a candidate’s abilities. What is the point of paying top dollar just for the presentation of resumes? PainLess hire did the work we needed and the result was that we got the right person for the job.
MatossianGeorge Saunders
Matossian Eye Associates
Hopewell, NJ
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