I thought it prudent to wait to see how the new hire worked out before singing your praises. While we were testing the waters with the new front office administrative assistant, you found for us, we also needed a new certified technician. I am not waiting any longer to let you know that we are so thrilled with both additions to our office. The process WAS painless and more efficient that I could have anticipated. I, and the doctor, feel that we have never spent so little time to find two additions to the office that make a huge positive impact on both office productivity and atmosphere.

It is important to me personally that the recruiter, listens to our requirements, understand the terrain, the geographical area and the overall type of world we work in. You did that with incredible efficiency. The terms of our agreement were more than fair. We worked with one other operation, last year, prior to seeking your help that professed to know exactly what we needed and offered us nothing near the quality of candidates and vetting that we got from your team. We were lucky to have more than once qualified candidate per position and felt no matter what, we were winners.

Coming to work now is such a pleasure having the right staffing in place. It’s amazing what a positive change you’ve helped us achieve.

Thanks so much and we are happy to let anyone know how great you’ve been.

Barry G Chaiken MD PC

Barry G Chaiken MD PC

Deb Z Fine
Practice Administrator
Barry G Chaiken MD PC
New York, NY


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