My experience with Painless Hire was fantastic!

I was at first a candidate looking for a Medical Manager Position in Nashville, Tennessee. I was approached by Painless Hire over two months a go. The process was very smooth, from my first contact all the way through the interview process. They did a great job of matching my qualifications with a prospective employer. Painless Hire was very helpful and professional, giving me all of the information I needed to prepare for my interview. Once I met with the employer, I felt that it was a perfect match. Now that I have been working at this position for a little over a month, my duties are exactly as described in the outline and I am very happy in my position. I was especially impressed to receive an email from Painless Hire congratulating me on my new position!

I am now on the other side of the hiring process with Painless Hire. I have been involved in the hiring of 3 staff members since I’ve started, and the Painless Hire qualification process has definitely worked! Their team does all of the leg work. They do a wonderful job of screening the potential candidates and finding exactly what we are looking for.

I would highly recommend Painless Hire for employers looking for staff that will be the right fit for their office!



hiring process

Nashville Vision Institute

Heather Brown
Office Manager
Nashville Vision Institute


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