Hire On Your Own

Can you afford to hire on your own?

This might be the most important question you ask about your business this year. You know the future success of your business depends in large part on the hiring decisions you make in the here and now. What you want is to find and hire what we call the A-Players – the employees who will go above and beyond to consistently deliver the superior results you need. Here are two key questions to ask yourself that will help you determine whether or not you’re really ready to hire on your own:


1. Do you have the time to hire on your own?
If you’re like most business owners, time is your most precious commodity. Hiring the A-Players that will help take your business to the next level is not something you can successfully accomplish in your spare time, of which you probably have very little. This is when outsourcing part of the process, such as recruitment, to a qualified agency makes good business sense.


2. Do you have the skill to hire on your own?
There’s a lot that goes into finding and hiring A-Players. There are many hiring pitfalls to avoid, identifying and eliminating bias in the process, writing up accurate and attractive employment ads, optimizing your hiring brand online, conducting high-quality interviews, and much more. The right recruiting agency has the expertise and experience to make all of this happen efficiently and successfully.


3. Can you afford to hire on your own?
If you don’t have the time or the skill to find and hire A-Players, what’s holding you back from working with a recruiting agency? Many will answer with the cost. Yes, you have to invest real dollars into working with a recruiting agency, but consider what many companies tend to overlook: If your business has problems with turnover, you’re already losing money (check out this article about cost of turnover). Now couple those losses with what you’re missing out on when you fail to hire A-Players, which we’ve written about before in the article Top Performers ARE Affordable. The point here is that you have to change your mindset about hiring the best talent out there and realize you can do it and it’s worth every penny spent on it.


4. How the Right Recruiting Agency Can Help
If you’re sick and tired of trying to hire on your own and are looking for an alternative, then it’s time to discover how working with a good recruiting agency can benefit your business. The best ones are those that have developed a scientific method to search out prospective employees and screen them according to rigorous criteria to match not only the experience and skills a position requires, but also the personality and attitudes that set the A-Players apart from all other candidates. Studies have shown that pre-employment tests are twice as predictive as interviews and lead directly to improved quality of hires. The impact on your bottom line can be profound. Cost savings from reduced turnover and incremental revenue from increased productivity are two of the most prominent benefits realized by employers who choose to work with a qualified recruiting agency.

Ready to hire some A-Players? Check out what some of our satisfied clients have said about working with PainLess Hire on our testimonials page.

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