High-performerMedical Office Managers and Executive Directors can be indispensable to the success of your medical practice. With annual salaries ranging from $70k – $170k, it is vital to find a way to distinguish between the average Manager/Director and the top performing 20%. One way to do that is by utilizing aptitude testing. Employees with higher aptitude test scores perform significantly better than those with low or average test scores. This increase in productivity can make or break your business. Remember that you do not have to pay more to get the top 20%: in most cases average-scoring candidates who have more experience in the industry ask for a higher salary than high-scoring candidates with less experience.

Another reason to use aptitude testing is that the amount of time required to train high scoring individuals with a high aptitude is significantly less than the time required to train average scoring candidates. Finding capable Office Managers and Executive Directors is particularly important because they oversee other employees, and any lag in performance on their part trickles down and affects the staff which are being managed. To hire an effective Office Manager, one needs to be a capable recruiter. This brings us to the next fact: Exactly how many resources are lost when someone with no hiring experience takes on the task of recruiting employees?

  • Advertising on major job boards: up to $1000/month
  • Hours spent sifting through hundreds of resumes, guessing who could be the right match: up to 40 hours/hire
  • Letting top talent slip through your fingers because of the way their resume looks or their lack of experience: thousands of dollars lost in revenue
  • Your own productivity or your staff’s productivity due to a leak in business operations
  • Hours spent scheduling and interviewing candidates
  • Time taken away from your duties or those of your staff to train the new hire

These are significant amounts by themselves, but they do not take into account the all too common worst case scenario: separation with the new hire because they weren’t the right match. At that point, the entire hiring process must be restarted from the beginning. For these reasons, practice owners must not fail to utilize as many tools as possible in their search for the right employees.


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