“It is terrible how the recruiting process has degraded over the past twenty years to become an inefficient, inhuman, expensive and talent-repelling system.”

That quote comes from Liz Ryan on Forbes online. It’s a pretty succinct summary of the state of the hiring industry today.

inefficient interview processWhen you need to hire for your next position, you have four options:

  1. Use a recruiter, and enter into a dysfunctional and ineffective system
  2. Do it yourself, if you have the time (and a history of good luck)
  3. Decide not to hire anyone and just make do because it’s too frustrating
  4. Use PainLess Hire

The best recruiters, in their own words, try to pick candidates who are “90% qualified” for the position they’re trying to fill. But how do they determine that 90% line?

The answer is depressing.

It’s a combination of resumes, LinkedIn profiles, gut-feelings, and personal connections that exclude a lot of strong talent. That’s pretty much it. There is no objective measure for that 90% line.

The worst recruiters are so sloppy they’ve been known to match candidates to jobs that have completely different skills, like asking a graphic designer to write programming code.

Some even misrepresent what the job really is. So when you sit down to interview, you discover half the candidates don’t even know what your actual job needs are.

PainLess Hire Is Not a Recruiter

We take fewer clients than recruiters, because we invest more time into a process that produces only the very best candidates. We do a lot more than just look at resumes. PainLess Hire:

  • Actively searches for candidates, even ones who might not be looking for new jobs, in addition to posting on over 100 job boards
  • Uses hyper-specific filtering using your specific job requirements
  • Pre-tests – this is why we’re not a recruiter. Pre-testing weeds out candidates with sparkling resumes and polished interview skills but who lack the qualities your workplace will require. We test for skills, aptitude, and even personality so you can breathe a sigh of relief that you won’t hire a wolf dressed in a sheep’s resume
  • Conducts phone interviews to save you the time and hassle of weeding down your list –and this is after we’ve already screened out ones who didn’t pass the pre-tests
  • Schedules the live interviews for your list of finalists – the only significant time you have to invest in our hiring process
  • Does reference checking for your chosen candidate – you’re done playing phone tag
  • Does background checks for your chosen candidate

scientific recruiting The result?

You only have one round of final interviews with just a few people. And all of them will be strong candidates.

We guarantee your satisfaction with your new hire for at least two months, or we’ll find you another one at no extra charge.

What recruiter does that?

We are not a recruiter. We are the next generation of hiring consultants, using innovative data-driven methods to only deliver top candidates.

Don’t waste any more time or money on recruiters, hoping they can draw out the needle from the haystack. The dark clouds left over from a bad hire can linger for years.

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