Practice Management Consultation

Empowering Transformation

PainLess Hire LLC has partnered with Dr. Craig N. Piso to help practices not only with hiring top talents, but also to provide all kinds of practice management consultation to physicians/employers in order to retain top talents and maintain a healthy balance in their professional and personal lives.


Management Consultation Services:

1. Leadership Development & Coaching

2. Management Effectiveness Training

3. Patient Engagement/Customer Service & Sales Training

4. Physician Interpersonal Behavior

5. Board Functionality & Team-Building

6. Partner Conflict Resolution

7. Vision-Mission-Values Development

8. Strategic Planning Retreats

9. Behavioral Medicine & Wellness/Health Coaching

10. Cultural Transformation & Organizational Health/Effectiveness

11. Critical Incident Debriefing

12. Psychological & Life Coaching Services


About Craig N. Piso, Ph.D

Craig N. Piso

Practice Management Consultation

Dr. Piso is a PA licensed Psychologist with training and experience for the past 35+ years that has included family systems clinical practice, corporate managed behavioral health, and consultation within health care, business, and education. Dr. Piso has also published a highly acclaimed leadership development book: Healthy Power—Pathways to Success in Work, Love and Life (Balboa Press, 2012). Craig is a faculty member and consultant in the Department of Psychiatry at The Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine in Scranton, PA. Raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Craig graduated Summa Cum Laude in Psychology from Grove City College, and he earned MA and Ph.D. degrees in Educational Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. Click here for the list of Dr. Piso’s Book and Journal Publications.

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