Provide Strong Performance Evaluations for Your Employees

In assuming the role as leader to staff members, it is important that performance evaluations are used to gage the contributions an employee provides the business. Traditionally, these evaluations have been conducted far and few between and often offer little to no insight on the actual growth of an employee. Recent studies show that a substantial amount of staff members find their evaluations do not live up to their expectations and furthermore offer no true feedback on increasing performance and long term success. They are outdated and need to be altered to give employees a sense of purpose in the office.

Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluations

Many groundbreaking methods are being implemented in todays workforce that incorporate technology and the use of apps to provide employees with a platform to engage not only managers, but even co-workers. This opens up a more frequent line of communication to allow team members to stay updated and on track with daily tasks and projects. While on the topic of communication, it is also recommended that performance evaluations are conducted more frequently and encourage language that surpasses the normal “great job” or “nice work.” Provide specific examples of times an employee did exceptional work and reinforce that with plans to continue that quality service in the future. Employees like to know they are being acknowledged for hard work and this motivates them to continue this trend. The views of co-workers on an employees particular performance should be considered as well since they spend more time with each other day to day completing similar office tasks. Providing an office culture that promotes open communication and detailed reinforcement for staff keeps and employer as well as the employees engaged in performing at the best of their abilities in the office. This sets a tone for advancement, skill building and growth for the company.

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