It’s easy to think that your best hiring efforts have to be focused on the “important” positions of your company or practice – upper-level managers and executives. If you find yourself thinking that way, please stop yourself!

Red Link Chain Shows Teamwork, ConnectedAny time you think that lower-level clerical or administrative positions don’t require your best hiring efforts, remember this: Those positions are the glue that hold everything together. Take even one of them away unexpectedly and you can practically hear the gears of your company grind to a screeching, painful halt.

Consider the financial impact of a bad hire: It begins with lost productivity from poor work. If the person also has a negative or hostile attitude, it begins to poison the entire atmosphere of the workplace, lowering everyone’s morale and productivity. At least one manager or supervisor is going to spend a lot time and effort to try and correct the situation. Each of these represents real hits to the bottom line of the business. But there’s more. If the person deals with customers, maybe you wind up losing several – more hits to the bottom line. Eventually you decide the person must go. Then you’re faced with the cost of recruiting and hiring and onboarding a new employee. You may even be sued if the employee feels they were wronged in some way. The impact of all this is huge, both financially and emotionally.

When you make a poor hire for one of these positions, the reverberations can be both profound and excruciating. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a real-life story of how a recruiting agency like PainLess Hire can literally make all the difference:


Dear PainLess Hire:

While we were testing the waters with the new front office administrative assistant you helped us find, we needed a new certified technician. I am not waiting any longer to let you know that we are so thrilled with both additions to our office. The process WAS painless and more efficient than I could have anticipated. I, and the doctor, feel that we have never spent so little time to find two additions to the office that make a huge positive impact on both office productivity and atmosphere.

It is important to me personally that the recruiter listen to our requirements, understand the terrain, the geographical area and the overall type of world we work in. You did that with incredible efficiency. The terms of our agreement were more than fair. We were lucky to have more than one qualified candidate per position and felt no matter what, we were winners.

Coming to work now is such a pleasure having the right staffing in place. It’s amazing what a positive change you’ve helped us achieve.

Thanks so much and we are happy to let anyone know how great you’ve been.

Deborah Z. Fine
Practice Administrator
Barry G Chaiken MD PC
New York NY

PainLess Hire is extremely proud to count Dr. Chaiken and his staff as one of our satisfied clients. As you can see, making sure each and every hire is a great hire can have a huge positive impact on your company. And that’s what we do each and every day at PainLess Hire.


Ilan Cohen, MD
Cornea and refractive surgeon
Co-Founder of Painless Hire
877.277.6665 Ext. 107

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