Our Method

Painless Hire is a next generation recruiting agency implementing advanced testing procedures to deliver you the ideal candidate. We take every step to ensure you receive a level of service unmatched in the industry, and strive to exceed your expectations.

sourcing-image1. Sourcing

First, we cast a very wide net to capture the largest pool of candidates. This net will include: online job boards, niche-specific job boards, and social sourcing.

screening-image32. Online Screening

We then filter candidates using a detailed scientific testing and screening process tailored to suit the open position. We measure the career goals, aptitude, skills, attitude and expectations of a potential employee and match them against the open position.


3. Interviewing

We conduct phone interviews with the best matches.
The candidates who pass through all our filters are then scheduled for a live interview with the employer (our client).

vetting-image4. Vetting

Our client’s selected candidate is then fully and vigorously vetted before actual hiring takes place.

The Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe in our method; therefore we stand behind our clients, who are given a 3-6 month guarantee period during which we find them their ideal replacement candidate free of charge if they are not satisfied with their original choice for any reason.

About Employment Testing

Our tests are created by a Scientific Advisory Board and have been examined for validity and reliability. Test results are evaluated by our analysts. To control for the validity of our tests, a job requirements analysis is performed for each position using the U.S. Department of Labor’s Database. This allows us to ensure that each test measures precisely what it is supposed to. Read More Here.

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