A woman was hired by a firm as their new VP of marketing.

She had the right degree (they all agreed), ample experience, a sparkling resume, and she came in ready to hit the ground running. It was an “easy” hire.

But then the company started asking her for data analysis, forecasting, and technically sophisticated types of marketing automation – stuff she knew little about.

Stresssed BusinesswomanEven more discouraging, over time she realized her marketing philosophy differed from the company’s.

She found herself constantly asked to produce things she hadn’t ever done before. She even bought a book on the types of marketing they were wanting her to be managing and producing.

Eventually, it became clear she just wasn’t right for the job. So she quit after about six months.

Has your company ever hired the “perfect” candidate but then had to let them go? How can both sides – employee and employer, both get it so wrong?

The real question is – how could this have been avoided in the first place?

The flaw here wasn’t in the company or the ex-employee. Again – both have track records of success. The flaw is in a caveman-era hiring system. The employer and employee look at each other, glance at the impressive resume, grunt a few times, and then sign a contract without bothering to confirm if they even share basic commonalities. So now you’ve got six months wasted for your business, and a discouraging experience for your ex-employee.

Time equals MoneyWhen you use the PainLess Hire scientific hiring process, we guarantee you will never face these kinds of hiring setbacks again.

Our proven system guarantees you only the best candidates for the final round of interviews – the only step in the process you have to do.

It’s time to hire better so you can focus on growing your business.


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