The secret’s out – but only for you and a few other savvy business pros who know there’s got to be a better way to hire than relying on interviews, experience, and education.

three stooges of hiringWe call these the Three Stooges of Hiring.

Why? Because when you only hire based on interviews, experience, and education, you’re hiring will be so unpredictable it’s like three goofy comedians tripping over each other to find the best job candidate

The secret you’re about to learn is, there’s a better way to hire.

This better way – which I’ll reveal in a moment – was found by multiple studies to be more predictive of how well a new hire would perform. Specifically, this better hiring method was found to be:

  • Twice as predictive as job interviews
  • Three times as predictive as experience
  • Four times as predictive as education level

You might be thinking – how can I hire without an interview? Good question. You can’t. The point is to get the right people in the interview room in the first place.

Because otherwise, what happens in interviews is something almost impossible to avoid, known as “confidence bias.” This is when you meet a candidate, and you get that “good feeling” about this person that’s just impossible to argue against. You then judge every other candidate against them, when in reality, your confidence in that person is based on nothing definitive.

So how can you hire without falling over yourself like Larry, Curly, and Moe?

Answer: Use pre-testing.

This is the secret. Apply vetted, proven aptitude testing before the interview step, and you weed out the candidates who wouldn’t have performed well on the actual job – regardless of what their resume says or how well they interview.

Another study found that people who score higher in their general cognitive ability learn faster and are better at applying what they have learned.

Isn’t that what you really want in an employee?

Here’s a 2-page white paper with more detail from the studies mentioned here. Click here to read the white paper.


PainLess Hire uses specialized pre-testing methods for all our clients. It’s the main reason we don’t call ourselves a recruiting firm. We only send our clients the very top candidates for the final – and only – round of interviews they have to do. Find out if our hiring approach is right for you. 

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