A faulty hiring process is like big-city transportation planning.

transportation systemsIf you leave it alone, it will slowly eat away at your quality of life.

Unfixed and poorly maintained transportation systems make cities unlivable for many people. Streets clog. Red lights aren’t timed. Buses don’t come or are overcrowded when they do. Eventually, people start to move out just to breathe.

A faulty hiring process does the same thing to a business. It degrades your brand. It chips away at morale. It turns away good candidates. Eventually, your best employees start resigning.

Here’s an infographic with 12 hiring and recruiting statistics that shed light on the differences between functional and harmful hiring systems, and how this impacts your business

The infographic reveals insights like:

  • How much a good hiring experience motivates new hires to work harder
  • The surprising link between brand and employee retention
  • The number of great candidates you’re losing if your application process is too long
  • How long the best candidates are on “the market” compared to the average time it takes to hire

Check out these 12 revealing statistics, and adjust your hiring process before you end up like a big city gnarled in traffic jams that could have been avoided had wise action been taken many years before.

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P.S. Summer is coming. That’s when people are more willing to relocate so they can settle in before the school year starts. Are you actively pursuing the best job candidates – not just the ones in your “network” – to build your staff?

Now’s the time. Look at the infographic and then take the forward-thinking action step listed at the end that most of your competitors aren’t taking.

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