Bad morale kills business. We all know it.

Employee Moral

Employee Moral

Yet too many businesses treat the hiring process like they’re sticking their hand in a beehive hoping to get some honey without getting stung.

A friend of mine worked at a high school. They hired a new teacher, and within two months she had made enemies of almost everyone in her department. Within two years, one teacher quit, and the department’s collaboration suffered for years.

36% of employers in one survey cited “damage to staff morale” as one of the primary costs of a bad hire.

Simply put, you can’t afford a bad hire. The unity, the good and positive vibe, all the healthy collaboration you’ve worked so hard to create can be destroyed in days.

And when your best employees starting hating their jobs, that will cost you much more. Here’s what can happen:

  • More missed work from “sick” days
  • Important tasks go undone because inter-office communication has suffered
  • Problems don’t get solved as quickly
  • Worst of all – your good employees start looking for other jobs

Your business is like a house on stilts, hanging partially over a cliff. Each pillar holding it up is a core function. Staff morale is one of those pillars. If a bad hire splinters your morale, the whole business will shake. Given time, it will tumble down the cliff.

One of our goals is to help companies avoid having a bad hire ruin their businesses. Especially smaller businesses, where one employee plays a much larger role in your success. Our specialized process ensures you only get to pick from the best candidates for your open positions.

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