Decision-between-Experience&AptitudeIn a competitive, consistently evolving market, employers strive to net candidates with their finger on the pulse of current trends. A fine-tuned resume may hint at the skills an employee brings to the table, but as seasoned managers know, a good team player is one that’s willing to go above and beyond what his job description may have entailed. So how do we gauge the experience of an employee? More importantly, do additional years of experience correspond to a higher pay grade?

With business models remade at breakneck speed to take advantage of the most current technology available, an employee’s passion, adaptability and ability to bring fresh ideas to the table are vital factors to consider. It is possible that a more experienced employee may not possess the expertise currently needed to drive the company forward. With educational resources available on a wide variety of subjects, an employee with the drive to remain relevant may well trump a more experienced candidate whose knowledge base is outdated.

As adept as an interviewer may be, it is understandably difficult to determine whether an employee will be an effective teammate as well as able to independently perform with minimal guidance under a time crunch. Luckily, there are alternative hiring measures that exist to provide a clearer picture of what an employee will bring to the company, and their value is considerable.

It’s fair to say that most employers desire someone who can take on new responsibilities and grow their value in the company as a truly successful hire. A resume may be composed to impress but pre-employment testing can demonstrate whether a potential hire can perform effectively in an environment similar to your office.

Used in conjunction, they paint a complete portrait and a valuable one – after all, each employee adds or takes away from the vitality and growth of their company. It’s only reasonable to surround yourself with employees you can rely on and trust in times of need.


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