hard-to-fill positionsFew employers are willing to accept candidates with little or no experience fresh out of college. Not because they do not wish to give them a chance, but because they do not know how to evaluate their past work performance if the candidate does not have much information on their resume. The main concern of alert employers is that the resume itself is a candidate’s marketing pamphlet, so its usefulness is limited and its exaggeration pronounced. Both a resume’s accuracy and interpretation are subjective; from the way the candidate composes it to the way the employer interprets it.

Yet someone needs to give these candidates a chance at some point, if only to replenish the workforce. As baby boomers retire, the workforce is filling with people fresh out of college, some of whom are very capable individuals who may not have the practice to show their capabilities during the job interview. Some of these candidates are very bright and can contribute much to the growth of the company, with a quick learning curve and fresh ideas, but how to separate them from the herd? Pre-employment testing is the solution. Cognitive aptitude has been shown by multiple studies to be the best predictor of job performance.

Evolution is adaptation to the ever-changing environment, and the survival of the fittest concept applies to humanity on many levels; employment being no exception. Pre-employment testing can gauge both mental capabilities and the flexibility to adapt to a new environment (in this case a new job), in order to quickly acquire the necessary skills to avoid lost time and maximize productivity. It gives every individual an equal chance to spread their wings and show their full potential.

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