The hiring game has changed. The practice of simple resume glances and taken chances is long gone. Today, employers want employees who will stay around for the long term, fit in with their company’s ideals, and yield results. Yet in a rapidly changing world where career paths alternate frequently and company culture is ever evolving; a more in-depth hiring process is required. For many, a comprehensive objective hiring approach can be very overwhelming. But with the right methods, your company can save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. What are the advantages of objective recruiting and using a dedicated team, and why is this the way of the future?

  • General-intelligenceObjective recruiting requires cognitive testing. Abstract reasoning, verbal skills and even the ability to complete basic math can reflect the individual’s ability to retain, organize and apply information being presented, thus providing you with an efficient employee.
  • Hiring people with a high cognitive ability can lead to a significant increase in efficiency, but more importantly it can decrease employee turnover.
  • Decreased employee turnover saves your company money and time; beyond that it reduces the stress spent dedicating a current employee to training the new employee that ultimately may not work out anyway.

Using objective hiring and a dedicated team helps you save more than money; it can help improve your overall office morale. When one employee is obligated to take time away from his own job to train a new hire who may not have the cognitive ability to learn the material on his own, your company is forced to double the money and time spent. Who continues to do the work for the employee, who is forced to train a new hire that requires their hand held? Using an objective approach can help you define your company culture. Tailoring your hired staff to meet your expectations can be the key to solid productivity, a positive company culture, and a positive impact to your bottom line.

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