Our Mission

To improve hiring practices nationwide through a collaborative Hire Smart… Hire Painless™ effort.

At PainLess Hire℠, we believe in going the extra mile to provide you with only the best, most qualified candidates. Painless Hire has strived to eliminate the time-consuming hassles, headaches and mismatches typically associated with the traditional hiring process.

Through the support of our ClientsPartners we envision a change which will spark a golden age for the recruitment industry and HR departments large and small. PainLess Hire℠ is setting an industry standard which thunderously resonates in the hearts of employers and shakes the walls of conventional hiring practices. To understand how this change will take place and how it benefits employers nationwide, we delve into the meaning of the phrase.

What is Hire Smart… Hire Painless™?

high-performer2Hire Painless embodies a powerful message – there is no reason for employers to suffer through the inadequacies of the traditional hiring process while placing their business in harm’s way. Adaptation is the key to survival, and business owners are strongly advised to abandon all past inefficiencies and embrace the new and improved hiring zeitgeist. Only adaptation will ensure success in the modern, ever-evolving market.

Hire Smart has a bilateral meaning. Hire Smart candidates, and your business instantly gets a competitive edge over the competition. PainLess Hire℠ is able to source, screen and interview a wide range of candidates on your behalf.

Hire Smart also entails making intelligent hiring decisions. There are certain factors within the hiring process which are partially beyond your control. A resume screening and interview, while important in assessing personality fit with yourself and your colleagues, is a subjective process with too much room for interpretation on the employer’s part and embellishment on the candidate’s part. Though resumes must still be reviewed and interviews conducted, using only these two candidate filtration processes puts you at a hiring disadvantage, as well as a legal risk of conducting a hiring bias. To Hire Smart; objective processes must be utilized. PainLess Hire℠ is aware of this knowledge, and screens and interviews the candidates before they are sent to the employer, ensuring that you gain an employee you will be impressed with in the long-term.

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