Recruit, Hire, & Retain Your Best Staff Ever

Use an Industry-Defining Selection Process

for Hiring New Employees


Better Employees, Better Business

Find and retain the best employees for your company


  • Less time and money lost to hiring and training
  • More productive employees
  • Fewer personality clashes
  • Reduced turnover

Why More Companies Recruit and Hire Using PainLess Hire

We’re a next generation Hiring Consultant that uses advanced screening and testing procedures to deliver your company the ideal job candidate. You will receive a level of service unmatched in the industry.

Fast Results

Protect your time while still hiring the best new staff. Our clients interview in as little as 2 weeks

Save Money

Our system delivers better job candidates, but it costs less than traditional recruiters


Our proprietary hiring process guarantees a good hire or we’ll replace your job candidate for free.


Our secret sauce. This is why old-style recruiting fails. They don’t get the best candidates in the interview room in the first place. You won’t find a golden goose in a room full of hens

Specializing in Complex Job Positions

Using our system, our hiring consultants will find the ‘needle in the haystack’ you’re hoping for

Reduced Workload

We call references, do background checks, and even do one round of phone interviews. We do all that, as well as the pre-testing, so all you have to do is the final round of interviews

Innovative Recruitment and Selection Process Guarantees Your Company the Right Hire

Our Hiring Method Works, or We’ll Find a Replacement at No Extra Charge


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Online Recruitment System

Go deeper than college degrees and one-sentence experience lists.

Unearth more than subjective interviews can tell you about a job candidate.

Avoid getting stuck with another culture-wrecking, incompetent, uncooperative employee.

Get the best candidates in the interview room.

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